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If you're tired of trying 'anabolic' supplements that never work, or trying to figure out the next complicated hormone precursor stack, then read on. Tribustol may just be the supplement you've been searching for.

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University tested with no side effect

Tribustol (US Patent Pending App.No 12/122,299) is a synergistic formulation of Tribulus Terrestus and key vitamins and minerals that, when taken as prescribed, can create massive gains in strength, muscle size and athletic performance as well as decreasing body fat.

Tribustol Research:
University Tested Results!

A double blind study was recently conducted at a major university in Dallas, Texas. 30 participants from the university’s football program were used to test the effects of Tribustol.

The study was only 6 weeks long, yet it showed significant results:


Placebo Group Tribustol Group
Body weight Decreased 5% Increased 2% (4.5)
Bodyfat Increased 6% Decreased 7%
Powerclean 1% decrease (3lbs) 4% improved (11.7)
Bench Press 2% improvement (5lbs) 4% improvement (18.5lbs)
Winner  -


Note: these results were based on averages per group. Some individuals increased more strength and muscle than the average. Also, the squat was not used as a test because some individuals could not perform the exercise due to existing knee injuries limitations.

Currently, Pinnicle Sports is creating another controlled study set for January 2005. This study will involve testing women for body composition–specifically fat loss. Many Tribustol users demonstrate significant changes in bodyfat (3-7% decreases), hence the second trial study.

Pinnicle Sports Training is very confident about the effects of Tribustol and aggressively testing the effects of Tribustol on individuals and athletes. We seek to prove the results one can achieve on Tribustol!

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