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If you're tired of trying 'anabolic' supplements that never work, or trying to figure out the next complicated hormone precursor stack, then read on. Tribustol may just be the supplement you've been searching for.

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“…Better Than Creatine…”

“Oh, come on!”…Better than Creatine?” “How can you say this?”

These are the responses Iusually get when I explain Tribustol.  And yes, I can honestly say, it is better and more efficient because I have used both supplements and studied and compared them very carefully.

During the early 1990’s, I was the first person in this region of the United States to test Creatine (for EAS Company.)  Although I made good gains with Creatine, the supplement was limited in what it could do.  The effects of Tribustol were greater;proving it to be a truly naturally occurring anabolic supplement; therefore providing more benefits than Creatine.

For example, Tribustol increases energy; not only for the duration of your workouts, but throughout the day.  You will discover you have a sustained energy and an overall sense of well-being.

An advanced runner told me;“After running my 5 miles, I wasn’t tired and could have ran further!”

Secondly, the proprietary blend provides greater recovery by reducing Cortisol (stress hormone) levels.  Truly, all of the testimonials include statements such as this:

“While on Tribustol my recovery was so fast I had to increase my workouts throughout the week in order to keep making gains!”

This statement brings to the forefront yet another great comparison between Creatine and Tribustol.

Tribustol’s known anabolic effect comes from its influence on the hormone, Insulin.On the other hand, Creatine has no known anabolic mechanism.

Let me expand on this for a moment.  The known mechanism from Tribustol begins with…. eat more proteins, which aids in increased strength and bodyweight. This is a true definition of early stage anabolism in your body. People using Tribustol have been known to gain as much as 10 pounds of lean muscle in only 8weeks.

The most important comparison between Creatine and Tribustol is in how they function.  Creatine is limited in that it is really only beneficial to the weightlifter; it only works withinthe anaerobic (ATP and PC) energy system.  Creatine’s purpose is to increase the Creatine Phosphate (P.C.)levels in order to create more energy in the muscle for activities such as weightlifting or sprinting; beyond this, Creatine serves no other purpose.

However,Tribustol’s benefits encompass athletes and fitness enthusiasts of every level.Its’ primary functionis stimulating the good effects of the Insulin hormone.Tribustol improves “insulin sensitivity” which in turn, creates a host of added benefits; such as improved glucose regulation, regulation of fat burning hormones- Adiponectin and Leptin, and improved protein absorption for muscle growth.

Tribustol is the first supplement to effectively “Bridge the Gap” between strength related athletes and the aerobic/fitness athlete!

Measurable gains have been shown with strength athletes and aerobic athletes such as runners, swimmers, soccer athletes, etc.

Proven Body Fat Loss

Tribustol’s effectiveness in dropping body fat was a huge surprise at NES Company!  This was first seen while testing the Southern Methodist University football team; then under the tutelage of Strength Coach, Chuck Faucette.  I was using the team as test subjects to measure strength gains.

By the second week, the football lineman, who carries more body fat than the other players, started to lean out- this came as a shock to us all!  At the end of only 6 weeks, the supplement group dropped as much as 7% body fat!  That’sequivalent to 14lbs of fat mass!

With this novelty finding NES continued testing individuals for body fat reduction.  We investigated this finding further by performing another study with the Dallas Diamonds Football Team.

The Dallas Diamonds is a full contact, NFL rules, women’s football team.  The woman tested the effects of Tribustol for 8 weeks.  The most consistent finding wasn’t strength gains, but body fat loss!  The woman lost on the average 5% body fat.

Since then we have continued testing Tribustol amongst the mainstream population and have found they also lose body fat effectively – even with only minimal exercise.  Body fat reduction happens on two levels: first, thedrop in fat mass; then, the increase in lean muscle mass; while at the same time creating an overall improvement in body composition.

The current consensus on Tribustol’s ability to drop fat lies within the theory that people who have a high percentage of body fat (body weight),is created by a chronic condition of elevated insulin levels. This is called “Hyper Insulinemia” which develops over a period of time.

Two published studies prove that one of Tribustol’s key ingredients decreases elevated insulin levels, regulate energy, and increases fat loss.

It is important to note that Tribustol (unlike its’ competitors) has proven its ability to effectively reduce body fat without relying on stimulant ingredients to create weight loss!

*Diabetes Res.Clin.Pract. 2011 July
*Horm.Metab.Res.- ’10 Oct; 42 (11):769-74

“…More Power…”

(The following is a true testimonial)…

“Tribustol is honestly the best supplement I have ever taken. To lose fat and gain muscle like this is unheard of. When working out I do not try and hit PRs they just happen. You just keep going and going. For someone like me who works 3rd shift and still sees great results like this is great. I go from not being able to pick up the Thomas inch dumbbell to pick it up easy for reps without even practicing with it at all. Just 3 weeks after trying to pick it up and not being able to budge it to do it for reps its crazy. With me gaining strength like this and the more I training with strongman implements I have no doubt in my mind that I will get my pro card in a year or two.  If you ever decided to give someone a full sponsorship of Tribustol they are the luckiest person.”

This is the type of feedback we got when NES Company decided to do a Tribustol promotion on the famous powerlifting website:  www.powerliftingwatch.com.   The testimony you just read was written by lifter Kemal Carmon, a strongman competitor.

Another competitor in the sport of Powerlifting that participated in the Tribustol promotion is Shawn Rainey.  The information below is from his experience using Tribustol:

“God if I stay on this stuff image where I would be in a few years…here is my results after using 3 bottles of Tribustol:

Before Tribustol and After: Before After
Bodyweight 268lb 276lb
Bench press strength 578lb 645lb
Squat 665lb 720lb
Dead Lift 550lb 595lb
Push Ups 70 reps 145 reps

“Thanks for sending this Shawn! ” When it comes to developing more power or strength, Tribustol is the answer!

I originally developed Tribustol with the strength and power athletes in mind.  Even though it was later discovered through random testing that Tribustol helps other types of athletes (i.e. cross fitness) and the fitness enthusiast as well, the power athlete was first in line to use Tribustol effectively.

As I have mentioned before, collegiate athletes on the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Football Team were the first test subjects to elicit good strength gains using the product.  Strength varied from athlete to athlete;and strength increases ranged from 25lbs to 50lbs on the bench press and squat exercise!

Keep In mind, that power results come in all different shapes and sizes and although inspired, is not limited to only the weightlifting athlete. For example,the SMU Football Strength CoachingStaff , after being encouraged by the test results from their test subjects, decided to test Tribustol on a variety of other SMU sports athletes.  The most notable results came from two swimmers who were swim sprinters: Luke Vrtovec and GregaPlevelj. Luke improved by 1/10 of a second in the Men’s 50 Meter Freestyle at 21.86 seconds and completed the Men’s 100 Meter Freestyle in 48.57 seconds (a personal best). Gregaalso achieved a personal best in the Men’s 100 Meter Breast Stroke at 1:01:26.

  These results are from the European Short Course Championships- Rijeka, Croatia Dec.11-12/’10.

Okay, I can hear you asking..”How does Tribustol enable such a success in creating power and strength?” Well, the answer lies in the nature of how insulin works in the product tribustol by improving the function of insulin as it relates to exercise this again is referred to as insulin sensitivity/improved function! We know from science- insulin improves exercise recovery and strength.   Additionally, the unique grade of Potassium I have chosen for my Tribustol formulation also enhances bodyweight and strength. The Russians were among the first to document this effect (“Mechanisms of the Effect of OroticAcid on the Growth and Development of Young Rats”/Bal’magiia TA, Antonova GA, KhodorovaNA,BiullEkspBiol Med ’75 Mar.79:3 18-21).

Nutritional Ergogenic Systems (NES) goal was to develop a natural and safe product that would enhance athletic performance without the athlete resorting to any artificial supplements or anabolic steroids. And,best of all–there is not one single ingredient in Tribustol on any banned list – it has been drug tested successfully by NCAA sports, international track & field and various power lifting organizations and is completely legal!!!

Tribustol is the solution!!!!

Join the League of Professionals 


NES is interested in testing Tribustol in all areas of sports.  Since 2004, NES and Tribustol have played an integral role in improving the physical performance of such notable professional athletes as:

Joshua (J.J.) Johnson and Chris Thomas
Professional track & field sprinters

Phillip Daniels
Former Washington Redskins DE and 10-year veteran with the NFL

Thomas Morstead
New Orleans Saints Kicker

Tribustol is used among the ranks of a variety of professionals; ranging from the everyday Joe and Jane in the gym to pro athletes;

and,I am proud to share, to an elite group of enforcement officers assisting our Armed Forces in Iraq.

NES is honored that Falcon Security Group (FSG) reached out to us for our product.

According to one of their own, FSG got wind of Tribustol through some of the Soldiers in Iraq who are taking it.  They told me that their physical condition is crucial to their ability to perform many of their security tasks which includes the armed forces.

FSG combines Tribustol with their physical training program in order to maintain peak physical condition.

Tribustol has proven itself over and over, to be an effective ergogenic aid.  It is

university tested and real world approved


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