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 Interview for The Tribustol Product

This interview is being conducted between Ed Horwitz Marketing Director for the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation and Founder Ramsey Rodriguez of the Nutritional Ergogenic Systems company maker of the sports nutrition product “Tribustol”.

100% Raw Powerlifiting Federation wanted to take this opportunity to interview Ramsey Rodriguez and know more about this product called “Tribustol”.

How did you first get involved in Sports Supplement Industry?
I have always been fascinated with the idea that using natural substances designed in the right way could help achieve athletic results. In 1993 I was one of the first individuals to test Creatine Mono-Hydrate thru E.A.S. Company.  Dr. Conrad Earnest and I were so impressed with the results that we decided to do a Double Blind Study on the Supplement.  We published several studies over the years and showed that it did work.

How did the Development of Tribustol come about? 
I was coordinating Strength Training Conferences for the National Strength/Conditioning Association in the mid 1990’s and had the opportunity to bring Key Note Speaker Dr. Angel Spassov of the University of Texas Athletic Programs.  Dr. Spassov and I developed a good relationship, as we discussed strength training methods for athletes he also mentioned of some of the nutritional supplement technology eastern Europe was using.

Were you able to apply some of these ideas from Eastern Europe? 
Yes. Dr. Spassov did not believe I could find some of the herb quality of Tribulus Terrestus that was being developed in Eastern Europe, but I managed to do so thru some of the experts I know here in the nutrition industry.  Secondly, I was able to use orotate technology for the mineral potassium to enhance the effects of the formula.

What kind of results are strength athletes having? 
I have tested my product on various athletes- Football players, Track athletes and some Powerlifters.  In a 6-8 week period they are increasing strength from 25-50lbs in exercises of Bench Press, Squats and PowerCleans.  Results vary depending on the physical ability of the athlete.

How does this product work? 
Well the formulation is the key all 10 nutrients working together create a natural anabolic effect in the body.  This anabolic effect is based on elevating energy, improving recovery, increasing muscle growth and improving strength.

I know Paul Brossi requested a drug test in order for 100% Raw Powerlifting Federations opportunity to endorse the product? 
That is correct Paul was impressed with the results he was getting and wanted to make sure this is a legitimate product so he requested a drug test.  I was happy to comply. Tribustol has been tested not only in Powerlifting but in Track/Field athletes and Swimmers (NCAA). In all of these sports Trbustol has tested Negative!
Is Tribustol effective in women?  Yes.  I decided to test Tribustol in women after a Coach of a Women’s Football Team (Dallas Diamond Backs) tried and liked the product.  I discovered that women gained strength almost as much as the men and to my surprise their body fats lowered on the average of 5% reduction.

Is their any side effects to this product?
No.  Based on the formulation there is no nutrients that have known side effects.  This one of the good facts about my product.  A lot of companies take too many risks using pre-hormones or precursors of hormones.

Is the product effective long term? 
Yes. My advice is to cycle the product on a program to gain strength for 8-10 weeks, get off the for 6-8 weeks and then one could cycle back on another period of 8-10 weeks.
Is their any specific nutrition guidelines one should follow when taking this product? 
Yes. I highly recommend a high protein diet. Eating 1 gram of protein per 1.lb of bodyweight.  Eat 4-5 meals a day keeping protein intake high.  Sometimes people feel sluggish during the day so eating every 3-4 hours really keeps energy levels high.

Where can you buy Tribustol? 
On my website www.tribustol.com 
Ramsey, thank you for taking the time to do this interview and we wish you continued success with the Tribustol product.