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The Tribustol Story

by Ramsey Rodriguez, CISSN/ CSCS
Founding Director
Nutritional Ergogenic Systems

Indiana Jones may have found his Ark; but I’ve got Tribustol – the best known yet unknown secret in the industry! 

Welcome to Nutritional Ergogenic Systems.  Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Ramsey Rodriguez, I am the Founder of NES and the developer of Tribustol; and I would like to show you what NES and the World of Tribustol is all about.

The desire to learn about sports supplementation began during my early years of bodybuilding, while in the midst of eagerly searching for a means of reaching bodybuilding greatness WITHOUT the use of steroids.  Wow!  I never realized what a task it would become!  It felt as if I was searching for the Holy Grail!  I knew the odds were against me; however, my passion and perseverance soon began to pay off.  It all began when I introduced Ed Byrd, the Founder of E.A.S. (Experimental & Applied Sciences) to Dr. Conrad Earnest, then a consultant at the facility where I trained; and a Fellows Doctorate student and member of the research team at Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas.  Byrd, a personal friend and business associate, was well aware of my natural bodybuilding career and had expressed to me a desire to experiment with a new supplement called Creatine Mono-Hydrate.  On the flipside; Dr. Earnest, after witnessing the effects that Creatine was having on my workouts, was anxious to conduct a double blind study.  It only made sense to arrange a meeting.  I contacted Ed and his business partner, Anthony Amada, M.S.  They agreed to fund the study and brought in fellow colleagues; Dr. Peter Snell and Dr. Tim Mitchell. And so it began!  We conducted the first controlled study of Creatine Mono-Hydrate using weightlifters!  History was made when we were published in the December 1995 issue of Acta Physiologica Scandinavica, 153, 207.

I was very proud of our accomplishment; however, I could foresee the shortcomings of Creatine – it did not have long-term effects.  I moved on and continued my search for higher quality natural ergogenic aids (a safe and natural supplement that enhances an individual’s physical performance).  I was conducting a Strength Training Clinic for the NSCA in Texas, and as fate would have it, I had the enormous opportunity to introduce Dr. Angel Spassov as my Keynote Speaker.  He is widely recognized as one of the world’s top strength and conditioning specialists. In 38 years of coaching he has participated in seven Olympic Games and five World Cups, authored 11 books and more than 70 articles on strength and conditioning, and guided countless teams and athletes to various world and national titles.  Currently, he is one of the premier Strength & Conditioning Coaches for the University of Texas.  Dr. Spassov and I discovered that we shared similar views on training philosophies and quickly developed an excellent relationship.  I have a great respect for his knowledge and accomplishments.  It wasn’t long before the question arose of how to train an athlete to meet his/her natural potential without taking steroids!  Dr. Spassov quickly informed me that natural ergogenic aids is an area of expertise that the Eastern Bloc countries of Europe have already explored and have since managed to create their own supplements for improved athletic performance.

The Story of Tribustol’s Development: 

Dr. Spassov offered me some suggestions on how to develop a product based on some Eastern European theories, but he figured I would not have the capacity to put a reasonably good product together because the level of natural herb technology and the limited mineral sources here in the United States were not as readily available as they are in Europe. Dr. Spassov had his doubts, but I had already decided to take on the project.  I felt confident because I had spent over 10 years in the Natural Food Industry as a sports supplements buyer and had developed the level of expertise and networking that would allow me the means to create my own supplements.

Dr. Spassov was right; it would be difficult, quite difficult in fact.  I hired a broker on the West Coast, but he was unable to help me find the right technology for some of the essential nutrients.  I decided to go full speed ahead on my own; I had to – it was to tempting not to – this was my premier opportunity to create a super supplement- better than Creatine; a product that WOULD have long-term effects.  I contacted a few experts in the field that I trusted and I managed to find the right laboratories that would be capable of creating some of the nutrients even though they didn’t exist commercially.

I always believed in testing a product to prove its efficacy.  I quickly learned that in the Natural Food Industry you will always make a bigger “Splash” if you can prove a product works.  This also indicates that you have “Integrity”!  Once again, I had to fall back on my network resources and found that Chuck Faucette, the Strength Coach at Southern Methodist University was a former student of Professor Spassov (University of Texas).  I discussed with him, in great detail of how my product, “Tribustol” could help athletes develop greater strength and muscle gains.  Coach Faucette allowed me to conduct a double blind study on his football team to see if Tribustol could elicit some decent results.  The study only lasted 6 weeks but it was long enough to show significant changes on those that were on the product (study posted).  I continued on to test the product the following year on “Dallas Diamonds”, a women’s football team.  Once again the results were self-evident.  The women showed a significant decrease in body fat as well as improved muscle mass.  This was exciting!  The women not only looked better, but they vastly improved their athletic performance!

I continued my exploration of “Tribustol” and its effectiveness by sponsoring the NASA (Natural Athletic Strength Association) Powerlifting Team in 2003.  I had been a member and competitor with this organization for several years and decided to sponsor their elite team as they were scheduled to compete against AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Powerlifting Team in the fall of 2003 in Las Vegas. This was considered the biggest meet of the year for the NASA team and Coach Rick Peters does not like to lose!  He encouraged me to provide as much information as possible about the product to his team in order to motivate the athletes to take it.  The competitors felt the effects quickly and within a few weeks their strength increased upwards from 20-30lbs!  One of their favorite effects was the “Pump Muscle” response it had when they worked out.  Needless to say, the NASA team defeated the AAU team!  NASA had the “Edge”….

In recent years Tribustol has expanded its use among various sports including-soccer, track sprinters, football, swimmers and aerobic athletes.  Even though Tribustol was originally designed to help the strength/power athlete many individuals have used it in order to lose body fat and gain muscle. A surprise to us at NES was the effect Tribustol has on an aerobic athlete, such as the long distance runner.  Our first experience was with Dr. Peter Snell at Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Snell is a world re-known exercise physiologist who, at the time was assisting NES with the body fat testing of test subjects.  He took a personal interest in testing Tribustol because he was still a competitive runner. While explaining how the product worked, he quickly responded… “hey if it can help exercise recovery, energy improvement this could help any sporting activity!”  And, you know what! He was right!  His running performance improved and he also noticed body fat loss. We have seen runners improve their running performance by 1minute faster per mile in a 5 mile distance!

If you are looking for a supplement that can improve your performance in sports; or, if you are just simply looking for a product to help you lose weight and gain muscle – Tribustol can help.  It’s not just good for the body; it’s good for the pocket too!