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High Fat Diet and Circadian Rhythms

Irregular eating habits (timing/schedule) and poor sleeping habits have been attributed to weight gain and obesity. A new study (performed with mice) now finds that simply incorporating a scheduled meal pattern helps to reset the Circadian rhythms (CR), improve

Commentary: Dwight Howard’s Shoulder Injury

The recent news of NBA basketball player, Dwight Howard injuring his right shoulder during the game against the Denver Nuggets quickly stirred my curiosity and put me in a quandary as to how this could possibly happen.

I am a …

Ramsey Rodriguez’s Tips for Big Guns

Building big arms has been a fascination and/or an obsession for those of us who lift weights. My bodybuilding and personal training career spans over three decades and I can truly say I learned the most about building big arms …

What exercises will give you the best pecs?

The barbell bench press is generally considered to be THE best chest press exer­cise and a good indicator of strength and muscle mass development. Many gym buffs and serious weight lifters believe that the flat bench press works the entire …

Super Set Training – Has it gone too far or has it simply lost its direction?

Super Set Training is the new buzzword in the fitness world this season; or is it?

Actually, this concept has been around for decades, but is just now filtering down into the mainstream levels of fitness enthusiasts who are looking …