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Ramsey joining International Powerlifting /Single Lift meet

Ramsey Rodriguez/CISSN developer of the Tribustol product has accepted to the invitation to compete in the 100% Raw Powerlifting Organization’s World Meet in Italy called International Powerlifting/Single Lift meet.

  • Ramsey will be part of the US Powerlifting Team competing in

The Big 3 Lifts of PowerLifting

When should you get off from training the Big Lifts- Or do you hang on to them with such Sacredness as the farmer hangs on to his tools or the Preacher Man hangs on to his Bible.  I know how …

Core Training: The Fitness Trend That Continues To Stay

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Shouldering the Weight of the World: Maximizing Your Shoulder Development

Shoulder exercises are crucial to any well-planned weight training routine; and yet, surprisingly, lateral raises, or more specifically, its technique has been an overlooked element in the execution of the exercise.  I am certain that once you have read this …

The Lethal 150

Reader Beware! I am about to reveal to you the most lethal 150 calories you will ever put into your body! These specific calories will stick to your body as fat faster than any other form of calorie! Can you …