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Recovery is one of the favorite topics among those people who train hard- especially the Powerlifters.  Exercise recovery is predicated by exercise fatigue this can be defined in several ways- expended energy (glycogen depletion), elevated stress hormones, and muscle fatigue.  The first stage of recovery from exercise is replenishment of energy (glycogen in the muscles) this comes from our food intake specifically from calories of the form of carbohydrates- this is essential for recovery.  The second stage of recovery is the reduction of the stress hormone (cortisol) this is accomplished by the energy replenishment and by rest.  Muscle fatigue can be experienced immediately after a workout or a day or two thereafter this is called delayed on set soreness/DOMS.

What does this have to do with Tribustol?

Well let me tell you Tribustol can accelerate all 3 recovery phases mentionedThat’s right Tribustol enhances insulin’s ability to utilize and store calories from carbohydrates into the form of glycogen faster!  Without good insulin function muscle energy (glycogen) recovery can take days.  Stress hormones can delay recovery however with Tribustol’s unique formulation of high dose vitamin c and potassium can quickly lower cortisol levels allowing recovery to occur.  People often claim they don’t feel tired after their workouts while taking the supplement-this is why!  Another good example of Tribustol’s recovery ability is in the morning people often wake up feeling rested and alert -no coffee neededWhile ‘cycling’ Tribustol I can recall sleeping very well this experience call also be a indication of good REM sleep and release of growth hormone.  While testing Tribustol among athletes at SMU one particular athlete enjoyed using it because he like how it helped him sleep-go figure…what ever it takes to these athletes to use the product right?  This athlete in particular  power clean over 315lbs without ever working out amazing!


Tribustol plays a large part in my success as an athlete. This highly anabolic formula increased my body’s ability to recover. As all athletes know, recovery is the key to success. Due to increased recovery, I have been able to …

Soreness is a big issue with athletes whether they are swimmers, runners or weightlifters they all dread getting sore-don’t blame them it’s uncomfortable.  Soreness is reduced to a minimum while using Tribustol b/c potassium orotate combined with the high dosages of anti-oxidants reducing lactic acid build up and gets rid of energy by product faster than normal Technically speaking potassium orotate can improve the lactic acid buffering system in the body allowing less to be accumulated in the muscles.  A close friend who is a competitive runner told me this is what sold him on the product “Ramsey I tried to get sore by running first and then lifting weights and I still did not get sore”!

If you are looking for a product that can accelerate recover from exercise or stress then Tribustol should be the choice.  Remember Tribustol is the all in one product no need to buy a supplement stack in order to have comprehensive effects-save your money by just buying Tribustol!