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So, you want to Lose Weight!

This seems to be the primary goal for most of us these days; and it’s not surprising because more than half of the U.S. population is overweight.  Our nation’s condition has been a growing epidemic since the early 1990’s – and the waistbands are still expanding!  One of the greatest contributors to weight gain is our diet or the lack thereof. 

What is it about our diet that makes you gain weight?

The obvious answer is usually massive caloric intake, right!  So now, you decide you just simply need to cut your calories in half and perhaps add a diet supplement to accelerate weight loss- you bet!  Ok, cool!  This is where Tribustol comes in.  Ah, but wait!  Now I see that glazed over look on your face as you ask;

How is this supplement going help me? And, does it actually work? is it safe? everyone says their product is the best and makes all kinds of claims?

Tribustol helps weight loss in several ways.  First, it is important to know that weight gain is often triggered by increases in Insulin (a temperamental, but extremely important hormone) rather than the traditional thought of having a “low thyroid” ( Thyroxin hormone).  Insulin levels can also cause elevated triglycerides and the lowering of fat burning hormones.

Tribustol is proven to lower Insulin levels!  It turns the Insulin switch back on again so your body can reach the normal levels it needs to allow fat burning hormones to do their job – which is to burn fat for heat and energy!  For reference, here are two scientific journal articles that have proven this concept (Diabetes Res.Cin.Pract. July-’11 and Horm.Metab.Res.’10 Oct: 42 (11):769-74).


In powerlifting people dont have much faith in sports supplements. After meeting with Mr. Rodriguez i decided to try Tribustol prior to competing at the USPL-Nationals. After a few weeks I noticed better ‘muscular pumps’, faster recovery, and increased strength. …

In my practical experience, the latest testimonial is a relative of mine who reached out to me for help.  He is a young male and was seriously overweight.  He started his weight loss program (Tribustol and a good nutritional plan) weighing 345lbs and within 6 months lost over 100lbs!!  Truly and we are all so excited for him!  On average, a person will lose an estimated 1.5lbs-2lbs per week – according to a dietitian’s statistics.  Tribustol actually accelerated his weight loss by almost double and best of all it he did it safely and effectively.  You can read his testimonial comment he posted on my Tribustol fan page on Facebook.

There are many testimonials of Tribustol users; however, the growing trend is now the overweight population that is also prone to adult onset diabetes.  You will not find a safer and effective product for weight loss, enhanced energy and overall physical improvement!  And, best of all – short of a good multi-vitamin, no other supplement is necessary!

I want you to have an experience like the one you just read about – let Tribustol help you get back on track and turn that Insulin switch back on again!