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…convinced the product can work for females..


I decided to try the Tribustol product in order to get in shape fast since i needed to be in good shape, producers for a exercise video wanted me in shape and i did not want to let them be disappointed. I followed Ramsey’s instruction in how to take the product and within a few weeks i was noticing faster recovery and more energy- despite my busy schedule!

i am convinced the product can work for females.… Read the rest

Janell Smith 
Austin, Texas

As a world champion powerlifter I recommend Tribustol to any weightlifter


In powerlifting people dont have much faith in sports supplements. After meeting with Mr. Rodriguez i decided to try Tribustol prior to competing at the USPL-Nationals. After a few weeks I noticed better ‘muscular pumps’, faster recovery, and increased strength. As a world champion powerlifter I recommend Tribustol to any weightlifter!… Read the rest

Jose Perez 
Beachwood, New Jersey

Tribustol works


I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ramsey Rodriguez while he competed at the Natural Olympia being impressed w/ his ‘physique” a classic one i might add, I decided to test his product Tribustol. Since Im a ‘hard gainer’ i knew this product test would be a challenge. After 6 weeks I was amazed that I gained 8 lbs of lean muscle!” Tribustol works!… Read the rest

Jason Woodforth 

…Tribustol has helped me become a champion..


My husband had used Tribustol in order to build his 20″ arms, however my goal is to improve as a female competitive cyclists.  Tribustol has helped me become a champion this year.  Im glad Tribustol can help women and im confident it can help you whether your a male or female… Read the rest

Kim Chance 

..within 4 weeks i lost 2% body fat..


My experience with Tribustol began while consulting w/ Mr. Ramsey Rodriguez for a strength training program. He convinced me that Tribustol would also help me with my Tri-Athlete training. While taking Tribustol i notice more energy and while my coach push me to train for longer run distances up to 15 mile runs- too my surprise-my recovery was still good! Ramsey told me I may lose some body fat while using Tribustol an… Read the rest

Betsy Parmer 
Fort Worth, Texas

…achieve that balance w/o any side effects..


Tribustol gives me the strength, endurance, and focus I need to get the most out of my workout. As a figure competitior and cross-fit athlete, cardiovascular stamina as well as defined muscle development are the elements of fitness that must be balanced for long term success and health. Tribustol helps me achieve that balance without any side effects.… Read the rest

Kayla Rose 

…more energy…feeling stronger….


After my client beats me in a bench press competition and her training as a tri athlete began to improve beyond normal expectations I had to know what she was doing.  Come to find out she was taking a product called Tribustol.  Well I had to meet w/ product developer and after hearing the product can benefit my training.  I was inspired to test the product.  My condition makes it a difficult one, because I am a canc… Read the rest

Shawna Gibson 
Fort Worth, Texas

…plays a large part in my success…


Tribustol plays a large part in my success as an athlete. This highly anabolic formula increased my body’s ability to recover. As all athletes know, recovery is the key to success. Due to increased recovery, I have been able to set some personal records in training. For example, I recently squatted 600lbs in training. Previously, my squat max was 585lbs.
I am looking forward to showcasing my newly gained strength a… Read the rest

Murray Anderson 

To be the best you have to use the best


To be the best you have to use the best and that’s the reason why i take TRIBUSTOL. I wanted the best result for my last show ( I won ) with a maximum muscle growth and definition and that’s exactly what i got in the best shape of my life. I highly recommend Tribustol for maximum results, no BS just Tribustol and results baby!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)Read the rest

Fabrice Rinaldi 

..gained muscle without any side effects!


I was introduced to the product Tribustol by my trainer Fabrice Rinaldi. I used tribustol during the off-season training for increase of strength and muscle building. Being a woman I am happy to say “Tribustol helped me gain muscle without having any side effects! “… Read the rest


Benching 335 at a weight of 165lb now!


While looking for a new supplement I found the Tribustol sports supplement. I followed Ramsey Rodriguez/CISSN (product developer) guildlines on using the product. My goal was to Bench Press 315lb, Ramsey projected I was to Bench 335! Amazingly after 8 weeks not only did I reach my goal of 315 but I am still seeing results from the product and know benching 335 at a weight of only 165lb. I guess Ramsey was right after all. … Read the rest

Wesley Kipp 
New York

Most effective sports supplement used..


My name is Shayne Autry, I have been a martial arts instructor/competitor for over 25 years. My father and fI ounded the Dallas Academy of Martial Arts. Over the years, I along with my students we have tested and used countless training methods and sport supplements to improve the training performance in martial arts. Based on my students feedback and my personal experience the striking effect about Tribustol is whe… Read the rest

Shayne Autry 
Garland Texas

a necessity product in my supplement program


I had the pleasure of knowing about Tribustol through natural powerlifting organizations. I am firm believer in using Tribustol-Tribustol has been a necessity product in my supplement program! ” I am a champion powerlifter in three natural powerliftering organizations; NASA, AAU and 100% Raw Powerlifting… Read the rest

Tony Rodriguez